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The first consultation will take one hour except for fertility consultations which may take up to two hours. In this consultation a full case history is taken, including; family history, diet, health history and iridology. Allow up to one hour for second and further consultations.

Consultations - General

Adults Price
First consultation $120
Second consultation $70
Pre-booked phone consultations $70
All hypnotherapy appointments $100
Children 16 years and under  
First and further consultations $100
Consultations - Fertility  
First consultation (per couple) $150
Second consultations $120
Further consultations $100
Please note: Medicines are not included.  


Communication is very important to the healing process. If you have any questions or changes to your health between consultations please do not hesitate to contact us. It is much better to have a quick chat or email at the time rather than wait until the next consultation. There is no charge for this service, except for medicine.


Account to be paid at the time of consultation. Payment may be made using; cash, cheque, eftpos and visa or mastercard. Depending on your medical insurance cover, consultations are claimable. Please use your receipt to claim. Medicines are not claimable from health funds.


Due to difficulty in filling consultations at late notice, appointments cancelled within 24 hours may attract a cancellation fee of $30.

Sending Medicine

If herbs or supplements are required between consultations, they can be sent to your home or office or collected from the clinic at a pre-arranged time. Postage is via Express Post.